Free Our Future: Don't Punish Poverty!

Tell Morrison and Shorten: Free Our Future, Don't Punish Poverty!

Add your name to the petition demanding that our government stops punishing people who can't make ends meet


We call on all sides of politics to commit to strong and self-determined Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, by providing:

* Vital Aboriginal-run support services across legal, family violence, disability, family supports, youth and women

* Robust social safety net & income support with fair conditions

* Safe & well maintained public housing

* No offences that target people who  are living in poverty

We know addressing poverty will help to free Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and end mass-incarceration.

Sign the petition now to ensure that the next government helps pull people out of the poverty trap

Artwork by Charlotte Allingham

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Dear Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten,

We are concerned that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are the most incarcerated people in the world. Research clearly shows that this is deeply connected to their experience of poverty, particularly for women and young people.

No one in Australia should be forced to live in poverty, let alone be locked up for struggling with hard times. Everyone should have the dignity of a roof over their head and food on the table. A good government will support self-determination and help people break free from poverty.

If we are to end the mass-incarceration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, governments must stop criminalising people experiencing poverty. For 30 years, inquiries from the Royal Commission to Aboriginal Deaths in Custody to the Australian Law Reform Commission 'Pathways to Justice' report have repeated these calls.

This is why we are asking you to provide:
1. Vital Aboriginal-run legal, family violence, disability, child protection, youth and women support services 
2. A robust social safety net & adequate income support with fair conditions
3. Increased safe & appropriate public housing
4. Abolish or amend offences that target people who can't make ends meet.

Your concerned voter,

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