Change the Record Coalition response to Northern Territory Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children

MEDIA RELEASE - 17 November 2017

“Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion and Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner must now commit to change for the children who most urgently need a fair chance and opportunities to thrive, outside of the criminal justice system,” said Cheryl Axleby, Co-Chair of Change the Record.

“The release of the NT Royal Commission findings today is a chance for Governments to finally step up and protect the safety and the future not only of NT kids, but of kids all across Australia,” Said Ms Axleby.

“Almost all children imprisoned and separated from their families in the NT are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. Our children are too important for this Royal Commission report to become yet another document that lays on a politician’s desk gathering dust,” said Antoinette Braybrook, Co-Chair of Change the Record.

“Our children have waited too long for real change, not only in the NT, but across Australia. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children are locked up at 25 times the rate of non-Indigenous children. We’ve seen Don-Dale-style abuses in WA, Queensland, Victoria, NSW and ACT - and they’re just the ones we know about,” said Ms Braybrook.

“This is a national crisis that demands national action. Prime Minister Turnbull has acknowledged today that “many of the recommendations have wider implications for all jurisdictions.”

“He must now show leadership and overhaul the youth ‘injustice’ system across the country. The next generation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people deserve nothing less,” she said.

“We call on everyone who wants a better future for our children to make the call loud and clear to your political representatives around the country. We must raise our voices, and keep raising them, until we see a true ‘justice’ system for our children,” said Ms Axleby.


For media comment from Cheryl Axleby or Antoinette Braybrook contact Rashmi Kumar, Principal Advisor, at 0409 711 061 or