Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody 

The Royal Commission was established in October 1987 in response to a growing public concern about deaths in custody of Aboriginal people. The National Report of the Royal Commission was released in April 1991. The full Report is available at:

and the Recommendations are available at:

Individuals accessing these resources need to be aware of material in the individual death reports of the Royal Commission. In accessing and using these reports, you need to be aware of this and of the sensitivities of the living relatives and friends of those whose deaths are recorded in these documents.

Review of the Implementation of the Recommendations of the RCIADIC - May 2015

This document, commissioned by Amnesty International Australia and drafted by Clayton Utz, sets out the extent to which, if any, the recommendations of the National Report of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody (RCIADIC) (1991) have been implemented by State, Territory and Federal Governments.

The report is intended as a useful resource which is publicly available and easily accessible. The information contained in these chapters is up to date as at May 2015.

Amnesty International Australia would like to thank all of the lawyers at Clatyon Utz for their work. We would also like to thank Amnesty International Australia’s interns and other volunteers for their help producing this resource including, Paul Heath, Jessica Liu, Robert Nay, Brian Lee, Bridie Ohisson, Sea Kerr, Hannah Morris, Elizabeth Bailey and Joanna Lockhart.