Case studies

Case Study: Rhett Burrastan
At 23 years of age, Rhett Burraston has experienced much, and possibly learnt more than most people twice his age. But even he, a self-described “deeper thinker”, recognises the complexities and urgency of the problem facing policy makers and Aboriginal communities seeking to reduce Australia’s appalling rates of Indigenous incarceration.
Case Study: Des Rogers
Des Rogers is an Arrernte man who has lived in and around Alice Springs most of his life. As a teenager and young man, he spent four and a half years imprisoned for what many Australians would consider relatively minor crimes including car theft and “break and enter”.
Case Study: Vickie Roach
Vickie Roach was nine years old when she started running away from her foster family, and 13 when she left for good. Removed from her mother at just two, Vickie felt powerless and out of place most of her life. Her mother, too, was from the Stolen Generations and by the time a teenage Vickie finally reconnected with her, the damage had already been done.
Case Study: Brad Hardman and Kobie Duncan
Those who know Kobie Duncan well are effusive in their praise for him. The impressive young boxer and rapper, and now mentor to other young men, says life was a struggle from an early age. But, within the space of just six months, he’s managed to turn his life around.